How to run a successful Share Lunch Fight Hunger Team 



We're thrilled that you're interested in joining us for Share Lunch Fight Hunger 2023. Below are some steps and expert tips that are useful for first-time team captains and seasoned veterans alike.


STEP 1: Sign Up Your Team


When: Now!

How:  It takes only three minutes to sign up your team: Get Started.

Once you submit the form, a City Harvest staff member will reach out to offer you immediate assistance. You will also receive personalized support throughout the entire campaign! If you would like help setting up a team, please reach out to us at 646.277.7804 or

Expert Tips:

  • Don't wait to get started! Signing up early will give you more time to build momentum and get everyone excited.


STEP 2: Build your Share Lunch Squad


When: As soon as you receive your sign-up confirmation email.

How: Share Lunch Fight Hunger unites people who want to step up to help NYC’s youngest neighbors in need. Reach out to colleagues, friends, and family you think may want to help you run a team. Plus, it's fun to be a captain of your squad!

Expert Tips:

  • Consider approaching colleagues in other departments or office locations to help broaden your reach.
  • Ask a senior leader or influential friend to see if they are interested in lending their name to support your efforts.
  • For a full list of best practices, check out our Fundraising Tips.


STEP 3: Get the Word Out


When: Start spreading the word now and steadily continue through the rest of the Share Lunch Fight Hunger campaign. 

How: Let people know what you’re up to and why you’re fundraising by sending an email to your contacts. To make it easier, use our customizable e-mail template.

Expert Tips:

  • Set up a plan for when you will reach out.
  • Get social: Share your activities and goals on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
    • Remind your team: "With just $20, @CityHarvestNYC can help feed 46 children in need. Donate to my Share Lunch Fight Hunger team to help feed kids and their families in New York City. #WeAreCityHarvest" 
  • Send everyone who donates a virtual Share Lunch Fight Hunger social media sticker that they can share.


STEP 4: Motivate Your Friends or Colleagues with a Friendly Competition or Challenge!


When: As you’re beginning to spread the word about your team page.

How: Setting the stage for a friendly competition or challenge is a great way to encourage participation and get people excited about donating to City Harvest.

Expert Tips:

  • Remind colleagues that the top five teams will be honored on a City Harvest food rescue truck, and the top 25 teams will be recognized in a full page Thank You ad in a top press outlet (previously in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times).
  • Compete for the Newcomer Award and the Team Spirit Award. Teams participating for the first time (or for the first time within the past three years) are eligible for the Newcomer Award, and teams with the highest participation rates and most creative ideas are eligible for the Team Spirit Award. Winning team logos will be included on the City Harvest truck and in the full-page Thank You ad in a leading newspaper. 
  • Create sub-teams for different departments, floors, or even individual employees. People can then donate to their respective sub-team throughout the campaign to compete for the top spot. Check out instructions for creating sub-teams. Email us at and we’re happy to help set you up!
  • Have a friend or colleague at another company participating in Share Lunch Fight Hunger? Challenge them to see who can fundraise the most! View a full list of current teams. Reach out to us at to help set up this challenge.


STEP 5: Host a Fun Event


When: Anytime!

How: There are so many fun ways to run a fundraising event! Just make sure to give yourself time to plan and get the word out!

Expert Tips:

  • Gather fun and exciting prizes, like lunch with the CEO or an extra day off. Create a raffle to win those prizes and sell tickets.
  • Run an auction in-person or virtually where attendees can bid on prizes donated by colleagues or friends. The Auctioneer simply presents the PowerPoint with each slide showcasing a prize and people shout their bids. 
  • We've compiled some fun ideas to inspire your fundraising.


STEP 6: Motivate people to donate by sharing an incentive


When: While you are actively fundraising!

How: Come up with fun ways to celebrate your team reaching milestones.


Expert Tips:

  • Ask local businesses, vendors, or partners to donate additional prizes or incentives. Make sure to let people know by sharing the news on your fundraising page. You can even plan to announce it at a later date via your team page and personal social channels to encourage additional gifts!
  • Find out if your company has a matching gift program that can double the amount and impact of your team fundraising. Share this information on your team page or in your email outreach. If you’re asking friends and family to give, remind them that they can check to see if their company matches gifts, too!
  • Remember that teams are also eligible to win our awards: the Newcomer Award and the Team Spirit Award. Winning team logos will also be included in the full-page Thank You ad in a press outlet.


STEP 7: Give thanks!


When: During and after fundraising.

How: When donations start rolling in, take a moment to let your supporters know that you appreciate their support.


Expert Tips:

  • Send everyone who donates a virtual Share Lunch Fight Hunger sticker that they can share on their social media pages.
  • Send a quick thank-you email.
  • Give a social media shout-out to colleagues and friends who have donated to your team. We've drafted some sample social posts for you to customize.
  • City Harvest will also send automatic tax receipts and thank you emails to all online donors. For cash and check donations that require a tax-receipt, please email your City Harvest contact a list of these specific donors. 



The team at City Harvest would like to sincerely thank you for all of your continued support! The success of this campaign is a testament to our incredible team captains and friends like you, who make our work possible, and help to ensure that no child, family member, or New Yorker goes hungry.