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Slalom Annual Food Drive 2024
Slalom Annual Food Drive 2024

Slalom New York

1 in 5 New York City children don’t always know where their next meal will come from. While inflation has decreased food, childcare and housing costs remain high. Vital government support programs that kept many families afloat during the pandemic expired last year, making it even harder for New Yorkers to afford fresh, nutritious food. By supporting Share Lunch Fight Hunger with a donation, you are helping to make sure no child in our city goes hungry. Please donate to help keep City Harvest's trucks filled with nutritious food and on the road, seven days a week, delivering food for our youngest neighbors and their families.

Together we can help feed New York City's children.
• $20 helps feed 46 children for a day
• $45 helps feed 15 children for a week
•$75 helps feed 12 children for 2 weeks
• $150 helps feed 11 children for an entire month

Help feed children and their families in New York City by clicking “Donate Now” and making a tax-deductible contribution.

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