We're thrilled that you're interested in creating a Virtual Food Drive to support City Harvest. Below are some steps and tips that are useful for kicking off your fundraising page.


STEP 1: Start your Virtual Food Drive


Kick off your Virtual Food Drive by registering here. The form is quick and easy, but if you need any assistance, please reach out to our team at partnerships@cityharvest.org.


STEP 2: Customize Your Page


Log in to your Participant Center and start personalizing your fundraising page! You can customize the campaign language, feature a team photo or logo, and even set a fundraising goal to motivate your team’s efforts.


STEP 3: Get the Word Out


Share your page with coworkers, family and friends to let them know what you’re up to and why you’re fundraising. Spread the word via social media or through email with our customizable email template.



STEP 4: Boost Your Fundraising!


Get creative and make your Virtual Food Drive even more successful! Some great ideas include:

  • Host a fun, online event! Even virtually, there are fun ways to run a fundraising event! Just make sure to give yourself time to plan and get the word out! For virtual event ideas, check out our Virtual Activities guide.
  • Motivate people to donate by sharing an incentive! Gather fun and exciting prizes, like lunch with the CEO or an extra day off. Create a virtual raffle to win those prizes and sell tickets, or gift the incentives to your team for reaching milestones in your fundraising!
  • Set your fundraiser up as a friendly competition or challenge to encourage participation and get people excited about donating to City Harvest!

Check out the resources in our Virtual Food Drive Toolkit for more ideas on how to boost your fundraiser!