Frequently Asked Questions


I want to start a Virtual Food Drive but I’ve never led an online fundraiser before. How do I start?

We have put together a handy guide to running a Virtual Food Drive! Find out more about the easy steps you can take to bring your fundraiser to life! Want to talk things through with us over the phone? Just reach out to us at 646.412.0615 or to receive personalized support.


Do you accept matching gifts?

Yes! Find out if your company or organization has a matching gift program—these types of gifts motivate donors and are a great way to double your impact! Your team page automatically includes a reminder to your supporters to see if their gift can be matched by their company. Still not sure if your company has a matching program? Your HR department may be able to tell you. 


How do I change my team goal or why isn't my team goal showing up? Why can't I see team donations?

Usually, the reason that you cannot see your team goal or team donations is because you are on a sub-team page. To change your team goal, view your team donations, make sure to 1., Log in to your page, and click into the Participant Center, and 2., Click the Progress tab, and then click to the ‘Team’ view on the right side of the screen (screenshot below). Still having trouble? Reach out to us at 646.412.0615 or

Screenshot for Team Progress.png

How do I create a sub-team?

On your team’s homepage, there is an option to create a sub-team. Simply click and follow the instructions to create a sub-team within your page. Want to create more than five sub-teams? Contact City Harvest at and we can assist in speeding up the process.

How do I hide my name as a captain?

On the homepage of the Participant Center, you will see an option for “Manage Your Display Name.” You may select “Keep User Anonymous” to prevent your name from appearing, or choose “Use a Screen Name or Nickname” to have a custom page name for a department/floor, etc. 

What do I do if a gift was made to the wrong team or sub-team?

If a gift was made to the wrong team or incorrect sub-team, or to the general donations page, please contact and our team can correct that for you!


Can I send personalized emails through the website?

You can! Once you log in, click into the Participant Center, and then click into the Email tab. You will see email templates available to personalize and send. Just follow the instructions; you can add your contacts or send a thank you email to people who have already donated. Select "Include personalized greeting" to add the first name of your contacts into your thank you emails (screenshot below).

Screenshot for adding personalized greeting.png