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Hunks Against Hunger

My first benefit for @cityharvestnyc is happening November 2nd in Williamsburg with!

This was born out of the idea that there are too many people who go hungry everyday in this city (20% of New Yorkers live in poverty) and the idea that bodybuilding/powerlifting/heavy mind-blowing zoned-in callous-handed classic max DL/Squat/Bench’ing is still very niche here.

Sooo why not lift some heavy shit and help folks get fed at the same time??

Let’s celebrate the strength, grit, and insanity it takes to move weight off the ground like you mean it!

I have an awesome crew of lifters ready to go in 25 days! You can either donate on your own day of the event or pledge to give $1 a lb for someone’s total lift. Proceeds go to City Harvest, a great organization who can turn $1 into 4 lbs of food.

I took a survey from my network and realized that at least 25% of people I know spend more than $300 a month on the gym and most people i know spend over $600 a month on food. Imagine how much we can help our fellow New Yorkers with the privilege we have.

Even if you don’t have the means, you have the empathy and the strength to help. Let’s get together on Nov 2nd and be ready to lift some heavy shit!

All are welcome to cheer us on, meet friends of the studio, and grab some free giveaways! See you there!

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