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Help Us Feed the City (Harvest)!

We just raised $200,000+ with City Harvest!

With NYC shutting down its school system, nearly 1M children are without meals. Many parents are now without a paycheck. This combination has created a food crisis - they need your help!  Here's how WE can help:

  • $200,136 raised so far !!!   (~$67K raised by you, plus City Harvest 2x auto-matching of $123K+ = $200K+)
  • Don't forget to ask Salesforce to match your contribution !!!
  • $200,000 raised has provided over 1 million meals !!! 
  • Special Thank You to the Salesforce Ohana and our Ecosytem Partners for partnering with us to raise these funds !!!
  • Please consider helping us raise even more!   

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Supporting Statistics:

  • 750,000 of NYC's public school students are low-income, 114,000 are homeless, and ~20% have special needs
  • Many families rely on schools to provide a warm meal(s) every day - the National School Lunch Program serves 30M students across the U.S. - closures disproportionately affect students who rely on these meals
  • Many parents, including single mothers, risk losing a paycheck, further amplifying the problem
  • For many New Yorkers, income hasn’t kept up with the rising cost of living: almost half of New York City households—over 2.5 million men, women and children—lack the income needed to cover basic necessities like food, housing, transportation, and childcare

More detail on City Harvest:


City Harvest is New York City’s largest food rescue organization, helping to feed the nearly 1.2 million New Yorkers who are struggling to put meals on their tables. We will rescue 64 million pounds of food this year and deliver it, free of charge, to hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens, and other community partners across the five boroughs. Our programs empower individuals through nutrition education, increase our partners’ capacity, and strengthen the local food system, helping New Yorkers who are experiencing food insecurity to access, afford, and consume nutritious food.

Please help me make sure that no good food goes to waste while so many of our neighbors are in need by donating to my campaign. Together, we can make a difference one day, one meal, one person at a time. 

Every $1 donated helps City Harvest rescue and deliver nearly four pounds of good food. By donating, you’ll help keep City Harvest’s trucks on the road and filled with nutritious food for our neighbors in need. 

Thank you for your compassion, generosity, and support!


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